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The animal rights movement has found some new voices .. their own.

"Often we witness the exploitation of other species. Consistently they're unappreciated, neglected, abused and discarded on a scale leaving us feeling powerless to help them. But this small epic might help curb that compulsion. 'Zippers' is a love letter for the planet."

- Paul Buhle, Senior Lecturer, retired, Brown University

Flying With Wounded Wings is the story of Cora, a wounded, ostracized Canada goose who, thanks to her new crow friend Louis, learns new winter survival skills in the far northern reaches of Ungava Bay. 'Flying With Wounded Wings' concerns itself with the rewards of unanticipated friendships that are able to surmount prejudice while rediscovering inner resourcefulness, courage and unconditional love. Lovers of books like 'Animal Farm' and 'Watership Down' will like to add this novel, illustrated by the author, to their library. Foreword by Tippi Hedren. Peter Gullerud is a published graphic novelist ('Grootlore', Fantagraphics Books) and was a visual development artist for the Disney Studios ('Aladdin') and Warner Bros. Features. He worked for Wildlife Educators where he had hands on interaction with the likes of Siberian tigers and California black bears.

Church and Oil Changes is Peter Gullerud's new book of illustrated short stories and now available as a paperback!

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